What challenges should designers face now, as found at the GOOD DESIGN AWARDs.

FOCUSED ISSUES is a GOOD DESIGN AWARD initiative that depicts the future of design in society through the screening process.


2023 Focused Issues

Brave Attitude, Organic Design

Unraveling Brave Attitude, Organic Design: 2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD Focused Issues Report Published


The “wave” of design seen through the 2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD Nine Perspectives and 23 Proposals for Creating “Brave Attitude, Organic Design” opened

Today, we released the report “FOCUSED ISSUES 2023: Brave Attitude, Organic Design” which summarizes the Focused Issues of the 2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

FOCUSED ISSUES 2023 Proposals for Future Design(PDF)

This is a 30-page booklet that summarizes the wave of design seen from a bird’s eye view of this year’s GOOD DESIGN AWARD, and the elements that can be used to capture the wave and lead to the next action.

Archive for design think tanks

Through screening since 2015, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD has been conducting “Focused Issues” as an activity to consider and propose new possibilities of design.

Its activities have changed year by year in response to changes in society, but this year, its ninth, it is undergoing several major reforms under the leadership of Seiichi Saito, chairperson of the judging committee. For more details, see the article below published at the beginning of the year.

Be a “think tank” of design: Why the GOOD DESIGN AWARD FOCUSED ISSUES was renewed – Seiichi Saito, New Chairperson

One of the changes is a report published today.

There is a wave in design that can be seen especially through the GOOD DESIGN AWARD that faces more than 5,000 entries annually. This report is a compilation of several perspectives that leads to the next action of delivering this information to society.

By archiving it in the form of a report, the aim was to ensure that the person to whom it should be delivered could see it repeatedly at any time, and that through this, new communications would emerge.

Brave Attitude, Organic Design seen from the 9 perspectives and 23 proposals

This report is compiled with the overall theme of “Brave Attitude, Organic Design.”

Regarding the theme, the background of the decision is introduced in the following article.

Brave Attitude, Organic Design: FOCUSED ISSUES theme decided

Why design is expected to be “brave” and “organic” now – Background of the theme of 2023 FOCUSED ISSUES

The key points in unraveling this theme are “9 perspectives” and “23 proposals.”


The perspectives are concrete descriptions of the wave that has been observed throughout the year as mentioned before. At first glance, the words may appear highly abstract, but they describe the characteristic changes throughout this year, and their meanings and how to understand them are explained through reference to actual winning works.


In the proposals, targets of the government, companies, designers, etc., are set, and specific action plans are included in the message described. We have included tips on what each person should think/do after receiving this report.

In addition, topics and viewpoints that the directors and researchers could not summarize into these perspectives/proposals through the screening process are included in the “Discussion” and “Tripartite Discussion.”

The content is sure to be strong, as it incorporates elements that emerged through more than 5,000 entries over the course of a year.

“Brave” players take the plunge and make the first move. The team members around them have the courage to cheer them on and support the challenge. The “organic” connections of the entire team, and even the entire organization and region across the team, become the driving force behind outcomes never seen before.

Please refer to the “perspectives” and “proposals” for creating such “Brave Attitude, Organic Design.”

FOCUSED ISSUES 2023 Proposals for Future Design(PDF)

Kazuyuki Koyama

Editor, Writer