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The thoughts that go into the application for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, The thoughts that go into the judging of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Various thoughts intersect and connect The process of exploring "GOOD DESIGN" will be delivered to you.


Applications for GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD The deadline is August 15 at 1 p.m. (JST).

The GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD is open to current students as well as new employees who have just graduated or completed their studies. Aiming to support the new generation to play a role in the field of design, this award has no designated theme, and allows applicants to challenge themselves with their assignments at school or their independent designs. Here we let you know about GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD, which enables you to improve skills and connect with people.

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The First Screening Report of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2024! The results will be announced on July 2

A five-month-long GOOD DESIGN AWARD screening began on June 6. The first screening is a paper screening. After an online vote from about 100 judges active in Japan and overseas, entries selected for the second screening were decided at the First Screening Session held on June 21.

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Wisdom and Design to Create a New Future of Noto

Now that six months have passed since the earthquake, we can create a future. The exhibition “NOTO NEXT-Ideas beyond the Disaster-” is being held at GOOD DESIGN Marunouchi. It presents an attempt to design a new future by gathering wisdom not only from victims and supporters but also from everyone who has learned about the charm of Noto.

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GOOD DESIGN AWARD entries close May 23 13:00(JST)! What are the screening perspectives?

This year’s GOOD DESIGN AWARD entries will come to a close soon. For possible applicants, we will introduce tips for applying to the award which were introduced in the Screening Perspectives Seminar.

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Applications for the 2024 GOOD DESIGN AWARD open until May 23!

Applications for the 2024 GOOD DESIGN AWARD started on April 1! In this article, we will introduce topics discussed at the kickoff seminar, including what we expect from this year’s entries and the continued evolution of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, considering this year’s theme, “Brave Attitude, Organic Design.”

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The Future Role of Design in “Day Service Center for Aged Persons ‘Verandah with Length of 52 ken’,” 2023 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD

At this year’s Good Design Award Exhibition, stage events such as “GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD Commemorative Talk” and “Design Talk Session on Initiative and Activity for Region” were held. In the grand award commemorative talk, the winner talked about the architecture and design concepts of Verandah with Length of 52 ken (94 m), which he could not talk about in the finalist presentation.

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GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD for Students and New Graduates Mushroom-based Sprouting Blocks MYMORI Wins the Grand Award!

Aiming to open doors for a new generation of designers, the final screening of the GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD took place on November 18. Beyond Alternative Biomaterials―Sprouting Blocks MYMORI, this year’s grand award-winning work, proposed the future possibility of using biomaterials as a main material instead of seeing them as alternatives for existing materials. In this article, we will explore details of the grand award-winning work and the award winner’s presentation.

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The 2023 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD goes to “Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken ”

The “GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD” was awarded to the most excellent design among this year’s award-winning objects at the Grand Award Selection on October 25! The winner is “Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken (94 m)” by ALL FOR ONE Co.,Ltd. / YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co.,Ltd. This report will also introduce “GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2023,” which started today!

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2023 Award Winners announced!

The results of the 2023 GOOD DESIGN AWARD were announced on October 5. This year, 1,548 awards were received. Among them, the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100, which received high praise, as well as individual special awards such as the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD were announced. In this article, we will take a closer look at the five finalists that were selected from the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD and nominated for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD.

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Finalists decided! Special Awards Panel for the Present and Future of Design

After completing the first and second screenings, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 was presented in August. On September 15, the screening panel was held to choose winners of the special awards such as the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD as well as the finalists for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD. What was discussed and evaluated in order to determine designs that represent the year 2023 and will lead to the future 10 or 20 years from now? We will look into the trends that have emerged this year through the screening process.

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