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This time’s theme

My Favorite Design 2023

Good Designs Selected by Architects


The GOOD DESIGN AWARD’s regular exhibition “My Favorite Design.” Each judge selects an awarded design that is their personal favorite or that caught their eye, outside the field of design in which they specialize. In this edition, we present designs selected by architects who served as judges for 2023, along with their comments.

Erika Nakagawa’s Favorite Design


Drinkable Mist Supplement "IN MIST"

I was surprised at the proposal of a supplement that one absorbs rather than drinks. At the same time, I found it compelling enough to make me wonder why it had never been done before. I really liked the idea of being able to take supplements at any time or in any situation, which then seems to allow children, pregnant women, and others to manage their own health more easily than they could before.

Tomohiko Yamanashi’s Favorite Design


grating "premium exspandedmetal grating"

When designing, logic sometimes takes precedence and the pursuit of the object as such is sometimes undermined. When you are about to fall into a trap like that, it is a good idea to feel out intuitively what the product could be used for besides the purpose for which it was designed. This material was designed for ditch covers, but I liked its soft, dull texture despite being metal and wanted to use it for architectural exteriors.

*What is a grating? A lattice cover made mainly of iron or other metal. They are used as ditch covers for roads and sidewalks.

Hiroshi Nishimura’s Favorite Design


woodwork / Tray Dustbox Mirror "Obstacle tree project"

In urban areas, there is no end to the number of trees that are cut down or pruned too aggressively because of the difficulty of cleaning up fallen leaves. I always object to the act of so easily damaging trees that have been growing for a long time just for human convenience, but I often have no choice but to give up. In the process of creating the product, the work shows a sense of utmost effort to atone for the time and memories that have been unavoidably lost.

About My Favorite Design

Through this year's selected products, we hope you will get the sense that experiencing beautiful designs you have never seen before, creating new designs with colleagues, and having them reach as many people as possible bring people joy and excitement, and this is a driving force moving our lives and society forward one step at a time.

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