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The thoughts that go into the application for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, The thoughts that go into the judging of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Various thoughts intersect and connect The process of exploring "GOOD DESIGN" will be delivered to you.


1st screening results of GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 have been determined!


The first screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD is document review. At the “first screening session” that was held on June 19, the judges gathered to discuss the results of the first screening. As soon as the screening session began, the judges stood up in every unit and an enthusiastic atmosphere filled the room.


Results are not determined by vote alone

In the first round of screening, judges first vote on the subject entries online. The vote is conducted according to the direction of the screening determined by each unit after the “Judge Plenary Meeting,” which was held on June 1.


On the “first screening session” day, judges bring their own vote results and discuss them. In the first screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, results are decided not just by vote but also by consensus.

Where crossover discussions are made

In addition, the discussions are developed more broadly and in greater depth by bringing all units together in one place. In fact, the judges were having discussions across units and the chairperson and the vice chairperson also joined the discussions.

The judges of Unit 16 (Media and Contents) examining and discussing materials of subject entries with the judges of Unit 01 (Accessories and Wearables).

Moreover, a student internship program started from this year. Each unit had one student intern in the first screening. While providing administrative support for the screening, they experienced and learned from discussions between designers and professionals who are active on the front lines.

Student interns from design universities and technical colleges across Japan. Only student leaders took part in the first screening, but about 100 students will participate in the second screening.

In the screening process, the judges take plenty of time to examine each subject entry and have crossover discussions across the boundaries of age and design industry. One of the judges described it as “a luxury space.”

While some other international design awards complete screenings only by online examination, the true value of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD lies in this process where judges see each other face-to-face to discuss “what makes this design excellent” or “what impact this design have on society” over and over again.


A new perspective on screening

This time, we had comments from three newly joined judges about their first screening experience.

Unit 01 Accessories and Wearables Sae Honda (Designer, Jewelry Artist / Lecturer, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University) I realized that everyone was probing in a good way. We discussed how to evaluate subject entries, as there are many perspectives to determine “good design” such as company background and sustainability, not only novelty in functionality.

Unit 05 Home Appliances Daisuke Kitagawa (Product Designer / Representative Director, DESIGN FOR INDUSTRY INC.) I was impressed by the sincerity with which everyone was examining subject entries. As the world changes, the way we communicate with people and our mindset are also changing. I believe that home appliances will always be of help in people’s lives, so I think one of the values is whether they can bring a “new life” to people.

Unit 16 Media and Contents Wataru Nozaki (Project Director / President and Chief Creative Officer, Smiles Co., Ltd.) During the screening, I felt that while it is important to accumulate logic, breaking through such logic is also an important role. I want to find designs that have the power that makes me feel “This is awesome!” that go beyond our innate senses and imaginative power.

1st screening results to be announced on June 27

Applicants will be notified of the results of the first screening tomorrow, June 27. Applicants who passed the first screening will proceed to the registration for the second screening information, and the preparation for the Second Screening Panel at Makuhari Messe will begin.


In the Second Screening Panel, all the subjects will be gathered at the venue for screening by judges actually seeing and touching them. Please see the GOOD DESIGN AWARD official website for a detailed schedule and participation process.

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