Delivering the "Now" of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD

The thoughts that go into the application for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, The thoughts that go into the judging of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Various thoughts intersect and connect The process of exploring "GOOD DESIGN" will be delivered to you.


Second Screening Panel was held at Makuhari Messe! GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 were chosen


The Second Screening Panel was held at Makuhari Messe from August 2 to 4. At the second screening of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, a variety of designs were displayed, including large entries such as cars and playground equipment, everyday items such as furniture, home appliances, stationery, and equipment for business use in the vast venue to evaluate actual products.

All the entries that passed the first screening are lined up in exhibition halls 4-8 of Makuhari Messe.

The judges walk around the large venue the entire time.

The Second Screening Panel is performed by each screening unit consisting of 4 to 5 judges per team. There are 19 units in total this year. There is a wide range of units, from household goods to architecture, systems, and services.

Screening venue where you can experience

On the first day, Chair Seiichi Saito said, “We walk the whole time during the second screening. It gives us a lot of exercise. Over the three days we will fully use our minds and bodies. Let’s share the knowledge among the judges, and find the direction that design is heading in.”

As he said, the second screening required a lot of physical strength. Many of the judges stayed in Makuhari, and spent three days looking at the submitted designs from early in the morning through late in the evening, touching them, wearing wearable products, riding ridable products, and operating electric products. They experienced everything, read the submitted materials again, and continued to talk about them.

The judges are engaging in discussions from various perspectives while they touch and use the entries.

Regarding entries that could not be displayed, such as designs for buildings, initiatives, and activities, the judges carefully read the panels and materials displayed as alternatives.

They deepen their understanding of the entries based on the panel materials. They also share information beyond the screening units.

Understanding is deepened through various dialogues

In the Second Screening Panel, the judges evaluate the actual products and carry out the hearing screening. The hearing screening is carried out only when requested by the judges. It is the screening in which applicants and judges ask and answer questions verbally so that the judges can deepen their understanding of the entry.

The hearing screening was conducted online using Zoom.

This year, foreign judges also participated in the second screening at Makuhari Messe. Simultaneous interpreters accompanied and joined the discussion of each unit. The discussion took place from a more diverse perspective.

There are many entries from overseas. You can see that the award is recognized globally. (Click here to see the recognition rate of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Asia.)

In addition to dialogue among the applicants, judges, and foreign judges, student interns from design-related universities and technical colleges around the country also experienced the discussion.

The students accompanied about 100 judges on a one-on-one basis, seeing the entries together, taking notes on evaluation points, and providing administrative support during the screening processes.

Through these processes, the judges evaluate each entry from a variety of perspectives, engage in repeated discussions, and ultimately determine the results of the second screening of each screening unit.


On the final day, the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 were selected!

On the last day, screening unit leaders gathered to evaluate entries that passed the second screening to select the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100.


The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is presented to entries recognized as excellent design from among all entries, and 100 outstanding entries are chosen from among them as the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100.

Then, the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD, finalists (candidates for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD), and the GOOD FOCUS AWARD are selected from among the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100. The GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD is selected from among candidates for GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD by voting by the judges, GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners of the year, and the public.


The GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 represent design to open up tomorrow and design that suggests the future. They also determine the direction of the year’s GOOD DESIGN AWARD. In the screening, each unit leader explains the candidates for the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100. Voters vote after listening to the explanations.


The chair, vice chairs, and all unit leaders had a discussion based on the voting results. They shared the background of each industry, evaluation points based on unique challenges, and detailed perspectives that only users could understand.


After more than five hours of discussion about what the design will change, what the significance of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD evaluation is, and the beauty of each design, the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 were selected.


This year’s GOOD DESIGN AWARD has finally reached its high point. Next, the screening for special awards including the GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD will proceed. Applicants selected as one of the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 will also participate in the “GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 Presentation” held as part of the Special Awards Panel.

In our next report, we will tell you about the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 Presentation and the Special Awards Panel. Please look forward to it!

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