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The thoughts that go into the application for the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, The thoughts that go into the judging of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Various thoughts intersect and connect The process of exploring "GOOD DESIGN" will be delivered to you.


The 2023 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD goes to “Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken ”


The “GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD” was awarded to the most excellent design among this year’s award-winning objects at the Grand Award Selection on October 25! The winner is “Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken (94 m)” by ALL FOR ONE Co.,Ltd. / YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co.,Ltd. This report will also introduce “GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2023,” which started today!



The GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD is the PRIME MINISTER’s AWARD for the most excellent design among all the award-winning objects of the year.

In total, 1,548 GOOD DESIGN AWARD winners were selected out of 5,447 screened items this year at the previously held press conference. Among them, five finalists who were selected as the candidates for the GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD made final presentations at today’s Grand Award Selection.

The GOOD DESIGN BEST 100 were selected from the 1,548 Good Design Award winners, and 20 GOOD DESIGN GOLD AWARD winners were further selected out of them. The five finalists successfully finished a competitive race among 20 candidates.

After the Grand Award Selection, the 2023 GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD was selected by the combined votes of this year’s award winners and judges, as well as the public votes collected between October 5 and 24.

Details of the methods used in the Grand Award Selection:

“Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken (94 m)” by ALL FOR ONE Co.,Ltd. / YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co.,Ltd.


“Day Service Center for Aged Persons “Verandah with length of 52 ken (94 m)” received a total of 3996 votes from the winners, judges, and the public, and won this year’s GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD.


In the “Verandah with length of 52 ken,” which aims to be a symbiotic day service, elderly people who need assistance and residents of the community, such as children who are unable to stay at home or school due to various reasons, spend time together such as for meals and baths. In return, residents who live together assist the facility. The building is like a “town” where people come and go and serves as a regional hub where people can live freely and safely on a mutual basis.


Finalist presentations explore the future created by design

From here on, we will report all the results determined after the finalist presentations.

3230 : A collection of projects to build schools “Kamiyama Marugoto College of Design, Engineering and Entrepreneurship” KAMIYAMA educational institute / Kamiyama-cho


1801 : A citizen science project “NHK Citizen Lab” Japan Broadcasting Corporatio


1701 : Passenger Car “Prius” Toyota Motor Corporation


1479 : Electric Shaver “Panasonic LAMDASH PALM IN ES-PV6A” Panasonic Corporation


Each finalist had four minutes to make a presentation. The order was determined by ballot on the day.

According to this year’s theme, “Design with Outcomes,” all five finalists successfully expressed their underlying philosophies to design a future that is beyond the boundaries of tangible and intangible goods.

Finalist presentations

The exhibition starts today!


Lastly, “GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2023” started today. This year’s exhibition shows for the first time all the award-winning objects in the past four years at Tokyo Midtown. Among other award-winning objects, the winners of the “GOOD DESIGN BEST 100” are exhibited in a special corner. In addition, award-winning objects of the “LONG LIFE DESIGN AWARD,” which is awarded to long-beloved designs, are exhibited.


During the exhibition period, the latest award-winning products and popular Good Design Award-winning products are available at a pop-up store of “GOOD DESIGN STORE TOKYO by NOHARA” in Tokyo Midtown. Take this opportunity to visit, as it is limited time only!


GOOD DESIGN EXHIBITION 2023 Period: Wednesday, October 25 – Sunday, October 29 Time: 11:00–20:00 (Closes at 21:00 on October 28 and 18:00 on October 29) Venue: Tokyo Midtown (9-chome, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Free admission/no booking required

“GOOD DESIGN STORE TOKYO by NOHARA POP-UP Store” Period: Wednesday, October 25 – Sunday, October 29 Time: 11:00–20:00

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