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Applications for the 2024 GOOD DESIGN AWARD open until May 23!


Applications for the 2024 GOOD DESIGN AWARD started on April 1! In this article, we will introduce topics discussed at the kickoff seminar, including what we expect from this year’s entries and the continued evolution of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD, considering this year’s theme, “Brave Attitude, Organic Design.”

The first real(offline)kickoff seminar in five years


In this year’s GOOD DESIGN REPORT, the journal editors will continue to report on the screening process and events to introduce the “now” of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

This article will report on the kickoff seminar held on April 1, the first day applications opened.

Click here for video archives of the kickoff seminar

2024 theme: “Brave Attitude, Organic Design”

Continuing from last year, Seiichi Saito serves as the chairperson, and Jin Kuramoto and Yuko Nagayama as the vice chairpersons in 2024.

At the beginning of the kickoff seminar, the thoughts of the chairperson and vice chairpersons on this year’s theme were explained.

Click here for the full text of the messages for the theme.

This year’s theme is “Brave Attitude, Organic Design.”

Firstly, Saito described “Brave Attitude” and explained the conclusive factor in the screening: “Long House with an Engawa, last year’s GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD winner, displayed a brave attitude of thinking outside the box and taking a step forward in architectural and management design in order to solve issues related to nursing care. This design bravely took on a challenge.”

Secondly, Saito said that “Organic Design” refers to organic thoughts, actions, and systems. He commented, “I would like to see bold but delicate, assertive designs that address issues such as the coronavirus pandemic and earthquakes as well as challenges we are facing today in a changing world.”


The GOOD DESIGN AWARD itself is drawing more and more international attention for its evolutionary interpretation of design.

Regarding the positioning of the award, Saito also said: “The GOOD DESIGN AWARD appreciates the sprouting of new designs. Of all other design awards such as the GOOD DESIGN LONG LIFE DESIGN AWARD and the GOOD DESIGN NEW HOPE AWARD, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD particularly praises new movements that improve the world, Japan, communities, and society as a whole.”

This year’s theme was formed during the process of compiling last year’s Focused Issues.


Focused Issues is an activity conducted by the GOOD DESIGN AWARD focusing on new possibilities of design and making recommendations through the screening process. It has been published annually since 2015. The 2023 Focused Issues booklet can be downloaded from the link below.

Integrated report of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 Focused Issues “FOCUSED ISSUES 2023 Brave Attitude, Organic Design” Download here

What is expected from this year’s entries? Tips on award applications


At the end of the seminar, the chairperson and vice chairperson told us what they expect from this year’s entries. Vice chairperson Jin Kuramoto commented, “Even if the design does not significantly change society, we expect to see the expression of ‘We want to pass this design on to the next generations!,’ a strong will.” He also gave tips on award applications: “Fill in the application form with as much information as possible, for example, background of your product, how you made your product special, and how you came up with your design, so that we can fully understand your product and work.” Saito also emphasized the significance of the application form: “The application form is crucial!” We spend an incredibly long period of time to screen application forms more than anything else during screening (laughter).”


Below is the timeline of the 2024 GOOD DESIGN AWARD from application to award announcement. The judging committee will screen entries for about half a year and announce award winners.


Procedures and requirements 1. Create an account 2. Log in to the entry site for entering application information 3. Complete and submit the application form *The application confirmation form is no longer required this year.

Applications close on May 23 at 13:00. Create an account now!

What exactly is the GOOD DESIGN AWARD?

Lastly, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system in Japan. For more than 60 years, we have been working to improve people’s lives and society through design, with the award widely known as the “G Mark.”

“What are the benefits of winning?” “How will our application be screened?” See below for more information!

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